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I'll put a spell on you

I have an ear infection. Exhilerating news I know.
I fell asleep in the library and missed the beginning of my maths lesson, i have so much to do.
My brother got a guitar and he keeps playing the same chord over and over, but i suppose you have to start somewhere.
I've been getting really depressed again lately. I don't know what's causing it, but I hope summer comes along soon to wash it all away.
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I wish I knew what caused my depression at times. It feels so unexplainable. I hate it when people say 'whats wrong with you?' and I just dont know what to say. Very fustratating. I love <3 your icon.
I added you to my friends list because you are shiny and beautiful likes the moon.
Add me back if you are a hunny :D
<3 Lauren.
heh you're already on my friends list darling.


April 5 2003, 11:21:40 UTC 13 years ago

I hope you feel better soon, look, anytime you feel down please please talk to me, i dont want to doing anything. I cried when you told me that liz, you're so wonderful, stay strong